beauty 4 celebrity makeup artists tell us the budget beauty products they actually use. Erin Docherty

If you’re anything like us, you spend a lot of money on important things like rent, health insurance and Uber Eats, so you never really have enough spare change to splurge on your makeup kit.

But then you find yourself using a cotton tip to scrape out the remnants of your foundation bottle, and you start to re-assess whether you need to spend so big on makeup.

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While we all love a luxe eyeshadow palette and triple-digit foundations, there is a heap of inexpensive cult-favourite products that fit the bill just nicely. And some perform just as well (or even better) than the super-spendy options. When it comes to beauty products, a steeper price doesn’t always mean higher quality formulas.

Now, because we don’t want to sit here on our high horses/swivel chairs and tell you what to use and what to buy, we asked a bunch of legendary makeup artists to tell us about some of their favourite budget makeup products (skin prep things included).

Partly because we’re extremely nosey about what other people like, but also because we’re fascinated to know which brands are making cracking products for a zilch of the price.