beauty If you have an 8-step skincare routine but your skin looks worse, this is why. Amelia Gartner

As I tried to gently break it to my friend who had spent thousands of dollars on these top-of-the-range skincare products, they are probably making your skin worse. 

All the best skincare products or all the popular skincare products don’t make the best skincare routine for your skin. In fact, all those products together are likely causing your skin more harm than good.

Too many active products, even if they are the most expensive fancy cosmeceuticals, can become too much for your skin over time. I see so many people buying the fanciest vitamin C serum because someone told them it’s the best, and then their skin begins to break out. Or the fanciest new eight weights of hyaluronic acid serum and then they get a red, irritated rash. 

This is an expensive exercise in confusion and overwhelm, so I’m here to share the simple, easy tips I told my friend so she could get her skin back to thriving

1. Stop using all your products.

If your skin looks a little lacklustre, red, irritated, breaking out, dull, dry or flaky, the first thing to do is stop using your products. Don’t throw them away. Just cut back your skincare routine significantly for a while. 

More products mean more irritation opportunities, and the currently buzziest trend ‘barrier impairment’. Often, the more products you use on your skin, the more chance you have of disrupting your skin’s natural barrier, which protects your skin and keeps it healthy.