beauty ‘I’m a beauty editor. Here’s the best makeup for dry skin.’ Erin Docherty

There’s nothing quite as humbling as looking into the mirror at 1pm and seeing your makeup clinging on to dry, flaky patches of skin. It sucks. And it’s a very helpful reminder that not all makeup products are made for dry skin. You gotta be choosy. But, that’s why you have me.

As someone who tries a lotta makeup (YES, it’s a real job mum), I’ve tested a lot of good and not so good makeup products on my skin. Because often, what works for everyone else won’t necessarily work for dry skin — and there are a few ‘special’ considerations you need to look out for.

You want stuff that’s going to give you a hand on the hydrating front and not mess with your moisture barrier. The kind of products that are going to keep your skin smooth and even, and not b**ch out on you and make your skin look dull, tired or really bloody thirsty.

Watch: Remember that time I applied 10 pumps of foundation to my face? I do. Post continues below.

Before I get into it though, it’s probably best to tell you a little bit about my usual makeup look, yeah? I tend to lean into a glowy, dewy makeup finish and prefer a lightweight, sheer finish for my everyday base. As someone covered with freckles, when I reach for formulas that are full coverage, my skin doesn’t look like my skin. You know?