beauty ‘It leaves my hair so shiny.’ 14 women on their best cost-saving beauty hacks. Shannen Findlay

“Spending money on hair gel for the ‘clean girl’ slicked-back look is a sham. Spending money on hair gel in general is overrated. It’s literally the one thing where the quality is pretty much the same across the board, whether we’re talking a $5 one or a $20 one. Just go with the $5 one, it’s going to do the same thing and the only person who would notice is Chris Appleton and he’s in Kim Kardashian’s mansion so don’t worry, you’re safe.” — Olivia.

Layer your skincare correctly

“Layering skincare in the right order has upped my skincare game. After listening to You Beauty, I discovered the best step-by-step routine: serums, eye cream, face oils, sunscreen, moisturiser. My skin has never looked better.” — Clare. 

Shop in the supermarket aisles instead of always going to the professionals.

“As my You Beauty co-host Leigh Campbell taught me, you really don’t have to spend big on shampoo and conditioner (unless you want to, of course). The stuff you can grab from the supermarket or chemist is just as good as the in-salon stuff. Expensive isn’t always better.” — Erin Docherty, Beauty and Health Editor.