beauty ‘My skin hates me, so I tried CeraVe’s new anti-breakout range.’ Erin Docherty

The difference with this range? It delivers results without compromising the health of your skin, containing three essential ceramides that do very good nourishing things to help support your all-important moisture barrier. 

Because if you’re anything like me, you’ll remember burning the absolute marbles out of your skin when you were a teen to try to get rid of breakouts. The result? Tight, irritated and red skin that is not even a wee bit happy.

Unlike a lot of other pimple products on the market, the CeraVe range promises to tackle the appearance and recurrence of blemishes, all while supporting the skin’s moisture barrier and not stripping or over-drying the skin.

How did you go with it?

I’ve been trialling these three products over the course of a month, and as someone who loves CeraVe’s OG Hydrating Cleanser and Renewing Retinol, I was excited to see if the range would help clear my persistent breakouts, without irritating my skin.

Now, just for reference, my skin is quite sensitive (probably from all of those years of burning it off with acne products haha… sighs), so I made sure I patch-tested beforehand, like a good beauty editor.

I also sandwiched the lotion and retinol with hydrating serums and moisturisers to keep things really comfy and minimise the chance of irritation. I also *actually* used a pea-sized drop of each instead of going ham (like I do with everything else) and spaced out applications.