beauty The 7 new beauty trends to know in 2024 (and the ones to ditch). Erin Docherty

A new year on the way means new beauty trends. And while the mere thought of shaking up your usual routine might make you feel overwhelmed and nervy — 2024 is looking like a real winner and not too scary, we promise. Actually, it’s looking pretty fun. Edgy. Cool.

In fact, we reckon you really might like some of these new beauty trends. Yes, really. And seeing as you’re a trendy little squid who clicked on this article, you could be following most of them already.

Watch: A trend we won’t be bringing into 2024? Lube makeup. Post continues below.

To keep you ahead of the curve, we’ve rounded up the biggest new makeup, hair and skincare trends you need to know about for the year ahead. From ’60s-inspired beauty to a nostalgic hair accessory and AI, here are the top beauty trends that will blow up in 2024 — and the ones we’re leaving behind.

1. Beauty AI.

It’s no secret that AI blew up in 2023, where brands started to experiment and dip their toes in innovative technology. However, according to Cosmetics Business report, it’s expected to supercharge the beauty industry in the year ahead.

Wayne Liu, Chief Growth Officer at AI and AR solutions company Perfect Corp, told Cosmetics Business: “As we look to the future into 2024 and beyond, generative AI will be at the forefront of technology innovation and will continue to enable new and exciting experiences in beauty.”