beauty The best thickening shampoo under $20. Erin Docherty

Now, for the million-dollar/20-dollar question… does it actually make your hair thicker?

“Firstly, I can’t say because I have my weaves in still,” shared Kelly. “But I can say, hand on heart, it’s a beautiful shampoo and conditioner.

“I’ve used it for the past couple of weeks and it feels really nice and does a good job of cleaning and hydrating your hair, and the clinical studies and research behind this product swayed me to think that it probably will work at least a little bit, and it can’t hurt to try.

“And it’s a LOT more affordable than some of the other ones that I’ve been chatting about over the past two years. So, I definitely think that this range is worth a go.”

For as little as $10, it’s worth a shot.

An important thing to remember here, though, is that the hair loss/hair thinning game is complex and layered. There are so many factors that are involved, and it’s different for everyone. So, just keep in mind that what might work for one person may not work for someone else.

As always, if you’re experiencing more hair loss than usual, it may be worth checking in with your GP or a trichologist (aka scalp expert) to suss out any underlying issues.

So there you have it! 

Bye, see you next time, love you xx

Have you tried this hair product before? What’s your favourite thickening treatment? Share with us in the comment section below.

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