fashion 10 Birkenstock dupes that are so affordable, you can buy two. Basmah Qazi

Sandals for summer are always a good idea, but you know what’s an even better option? Birkenstocks. Yes, they aren’t the most attractive pair of shoes, but every single person who owns them can vouch for how comfortable they are, and sometimes, that should take precedence.

But as much as I would love to swap out all the shoes in my collection for different styles of Birks, I’m also very much aware that one pair will set me back $200.

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Is it worth it? Yeah, most likely. But I don’t really have the funds to find out. 

So off I went in search of the best Birkenstock dupes, and surprisingly, I found several options that were far cheaper but looked exactly like the real thing. 

Dupes are a great way to test something out before investing in the real deal – in case you’re still on the fence because they look like the shoes your dad wears on his weekly trip to Bunnings.

If you’re still not sold on the whole Birkenstock hype, then maybe this will help get you on board: Every dupe I found costs $60 or less.