fashion 10 pairs of cowboy boots you can wear beyond going to Taylor Swift. Basmah Qazi

Hey, um, not sure if you noticed… but Taylor Swift is coming to town. Oh? You didn’t know? I thought it would have been obvious since every store in existence is currently selling its own version of cowboy boots.

No, it’s not because people woke up one day and decided they wanted to look like a yassified version of the characters in Yellowstone – although, I wouldn’t be totally against that.

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Instead, retailers are targeting the Swifties, who are desperately searching for the perfect pair of cowboy boots for the upcoming Eras Tour.

You don’t have to be a Taylor fan to take part in the trend though. Just grab your favourite sundress and pair it with some yee-haw shoes and you’ve got yourself a look. 

While I can’t guarantee that bedazzled cowboy boots will serve their intended purpose – you know, like riding horses and… other things cowboys do – I will admit I want a pair because they look freaking cool.

So if you’re currently like, “What in the tarnation is Basmah talking about?” allow me to show you some rootin’-tootin’ cowboy boots you won’t be able to resist.