fashion 11 women on the clothes and accessories they refuse to throw out, regardless of how ratty they get. Basmah Qazi

Behind every immaculately dressed woman who never has a single strand of hair out of place is an item of clothing that’s old – and maybe ratty – that she just can’t seem to part ways with.

It doesn’t matter how prominent the stains are, or how big the hole in the sleeve gets, it’s staying, and it’s going to be worn (maybe not outside, but definitely around the house).

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If you find yourself nodding to all of the above, screaming at your screen saying, “YES, I HAVE AN OLD T-SHIRT THAT HAS A CHOKEHOLD ON ME”, you’ll be pleased to know you’re not alone.

In fact, there’s a huge number of women who have held onto old items of clothing and accessories either because they have a special memory attached to it or… for no reason at all (besides that fact that it’s comfy and they want to keep it forever).

We decided to ask the wonderful Mamamia Outloud listeners about what clothing and accessories they refuse to throw out, and they definitely delivered. From a 21st birthday dress to c-section underwear, here’s what they had to say.

Oh, and prepare to shed a few tears.