fashion 15 pairs of shorts you’ll want to wear to the office and exactly how to style them. Basmah Qazi

It’s wild to think there was once a time when the state of Texas banned women from wearing shorts in public – because how dare they show their knees. Thankfully, it’s no longer considered blasphemous, and women aren’t shunned by the townsfolk anymore for showing a bit of leg. In fact, it’s so normal now that we reckon you can get away with wearing a pair to work.

I can already see you hyperventilating. I get it. The thought of wearing shorts to work makes you feel like you’ll combust into a ball of flames the moment you swipe your keycard.

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You keep thinking about what your misogynistic co-worker Derek is going to say, and you question whether it was appropriate to rock a pair to the office. Well, I’m here to say screw Derek and screw anyone who tells you otherwise! (Besides HR. Always check with HR).

Unless your company follows a strict dress code that forbids you to wear shorts, show skin and wear anything but corporate wear, shorts are most likely fine. And if you do get written up, just say, “Basmah from Mamamia said that I can wear it”, and that should let you off the hook.