fashion 15 personalised gifts that will make your friends and family think you actually care about them. Basmah Qazi

I’m not usually a bragger, but I’m going to unashamedly talk myself up right now, because I am the best gift giver you will ever meet. Yes, I know, it’s a big claim, but it’s something that has been said to me by multiple people many many times. 

It’s become a badge of honour, which is why I take gift giving very seriously. So, I thought why not impart my wisdom to you.

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Here’s the thing, whether you’re shopping for a birthday, wedding or Christmas, there is an art to buying a gift. You can’t just walk into the first store you come across, pick up a silver infinity bracelet (please don’t buy anyone a silver infinity bracelet) and call it a day.

No. You need to follow the process and ask yourself these questions: What do they like? What do they not like? Have they mentioned something they’ve been wanting? What do you think will solve a major problem in their life?

I go as far to write things down immediately. So if I’m hanging out with a friend and she mentions something she desperately wants, I’ll write it down. Then, when the time comes to buy her a gift, I have it all in front of me.