fashion 15 stylish hats that will go with every outfit (and keep you sun safe). Basmah Qazi

It’s no secret that Australia has the highest rates of skin cancer in the world, so as temperatures soar, staying sun safe is crucial — because your life quite literally depends on it.

While we’re constantly reminded to apply sunscreen diligently every few hours (and rightfully so), there’s one less talked about step that is equally as effective: Wearing a hat. 

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It’s the underdog of the accessory world, but it’s arguably the most important, because no other fashion item shades our face from the sun the way a hat does. It’s hardworking, and it deserves to be taken out for a spin this summer instead of sitting at the top of your closet.

There is nothing more on trend than keeping yourself protected from the sun, and with so many unique hats on the market, you’re going to be waiting for the weather to warm up just so you can show yours off.

So if you’re looking to add a hat (or two) to your collection, then keep reading, because these not only look chic, but it serves its purpose too.

Bucket Hats.

Image: Jace Banu.