fashion 4 ways to make your outfits look classy without being…boring. Basmah Qazi

There is a fine line between dressing classy and dressing boring. 

You see, outfits that are sophisticated and refined usually lack the elements that make them fun.

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Instead of vibrant pinks and greens, it’s muted browns and greys, and rather than statement jewellery, everything is dainty and delicate.

If you’re falling asleep just by reading the above description, then here’s the silver lining: Classy outfits can be worn for years and years. So even if your outfit is more paired back, you won’t cringe in 20 years when you look at photos of your younger self.

Also, as someone who prefers to dress classically, you can definitely incorporate colour and fun elements into your wardrobe — it’s just how you do it that makes the biggest difference.

So, here are some things that can make a classic outfit fun so you can get joy from getting dressed in the morning. 

If you’re wearing colour, wear the same colour from top to bottom.

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