fashion 5 foolproof formulas for wearing jeans and a nice top in 2024. Sandy McIntyre

As a writer, producer and model, I’ve always loved fashion and it’s meant to be an extension of us. Therefore, it’s meant to be fun! 

So here are five very 2024 takes on the trusty jeans and a nice top combo for you to try so you can have fun with your wardrobe. Go on, they’ll look great on you! 

1. Wide-leg jeans and a collared shirt.

First up, we have the wide-leg jean which may just be the most fun of the group (don’t tell the others I said that). 

They’re versatile, they’re chic — they work with us, not against us. 

When wearing wide-leg jeans, it’s important to lean into the tailoring or lack thereof. You can do this by wearing a business shirt unbuttoned with a white singlet underneath to showcase the layering. Or you can wear a more structured top with a sneaker to balance the look.