fashion 5 women, sizes 6-20, review the viral reversible 4-piece swimmers. Shannen Findlay

Alex’s go-to swimmers: I love clean, minimal lines so this set is exactly what I was looking for. Typically, I’ll go for swimmers that are a bit more substantial – a string bikini makes me feel a bit exposed so this set is a really nice compromise!

What did you think? They are beautiful and buttery soft, and you quickly get used to the two-piece top that holds each boob in! They’re supportive and give me a really nice shape. As a size 20 with a GG cup size, the biggest issue I usually have with swimmers is I’m either squished into the cups, or I feel like I’m bulging – but this set is full coverage. I feel so confident wearing them, knowing that a stray wave isn’t going to leave my girls free-floating (IYKYK).

Would you recommend them? Absolutely would recommend – these feel like a few different bikinis/one piece in one! Because of how customisable they are, you don’t have to settle on “just a black one piece”, you can really start to experiment with how much coverage you want, whether you want to show a bit more skin. They’re gorgeous and so inclusive for bigger bodies!

Feature Image: Supplied.

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