fashion 6 items to add to your wardrobe now to get ahead of 2024’s fashion trends. Basmah Qazi

The new year has always been a time of reflection. Most people use the first day of the year to build new habits, ditch old ones and do whatever it takes to make sure the next 364 days are bloody good (hello word of the year).

And while not every resolution sticks (I already know I’m going to stop working out after the first two weeks), there is one thing that will see you through the entire year: Your wardrobe.

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2023 was a big year for fashion. Denim skirts were spotted after two decades, fishnet ballet flats were one way to solidify your cool status and thanks to Taylor Swift and her legion of fans, fully grown adults were wearing and exchanging friendship bracelets.

So as we near the end, we’re already predicting the fashion trends that are going to take over in 2024, and exactly what to buy to help get ahead.


Nothing is more fuss-free than a jumpsuit. No more figuring out what top goes with what pants because it’s all done for you. Image: Getty.