fashion 8 black blazers that are under $100 but don’t look like it. Basmah Qazi

Blazers have long been considered a staple clothing item, but finding one that fits just right and has the perfect amount of structure is more difficult than figuring out how Carrie Bradshaw affords her designer wardrobe on a writer’s salary.

Not all blazers are made the same — some give off Hailey Bieber, cool girl vibes while others are more appropriate for the office. So the first step to buying a blazer is knowing where you plan on wearing it.

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If you want to give off boss energy, then I recommend something more boxy, and if you’re feeling extra daring, choose one with shoulder pads.

But if you just want to throw it on over a t-shirt and a pair of jeans, then lean towards something with a relaxed fit.

Now, blazers can be exxy, with some costing well over $300, and while I don’t deny that the quality and fit would be incomparable, I just don’t think it’s necessary to spend that much on outerwear.

There are many styles out there that are less than $100, and lucky for you, I’ve rounded them up in one place.