fashion 8 wet weather finds you won’t regret buying. Basmah Qazi

I love nothing more than being tucked in bed underneath the covers, with a good book in hand, and the sound of rain hitting my windowsill.

However, I hate nothing more than being stuck outside during a torrential downpour after having spent an hour doing my hair, wearing a flimsy t-shirt, and walking around in suede boots that feel more like wet socks.

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It seems like no matter how hard I try, I can never come up with an appropriate outfit for when it’s raining. Probably because I wake up dreading the day ahead and throw on whatever is in front of me.

Australia is well and truly heading into monsoon season, and you want to be as prepared as possible before the storm creeps in. I’m talking umbrellas that stay put, and waterproof jackets that keep you warm and dry — it truly sounds too good to be true!

I’ve rounded up the eight most useful finds I’ve come across while researching wet weather gear, because if I’m staying dry this year, then you should too.

Image: Blunt, David Jones.