fashion 8 women share the hardest working clothing item in their wardrobe they wear season after season. Basmah Qazi

We all have one item in our wardrobe that just seems to work harder than the others. 

It doesn’t matter if you bought it 10 years ago and it’s quite literally hanging by a thread, there’s just something about it that keeps you holding on. 

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For some, it’s the memories attached to it, while for others, it’s an item that goes with everything in their closet. A reliable piece that makes an outfit every single time.

And every time you wear it, you get that satisfaction of knowing you made a Really. Good. Purchase. 

So because I’m nosey and enjoy peeking inside other people’s wardrobes, I asked women to show me the item they consider the most timeless in their wardrobe so we can all copy (and I might have even included a reco myself).

Basically, I’ve sorted your next shopping trip for you: 

A tailored blazer that can be worn beyond the office.

A blazer is the hardest working piece in a wardrobe, hands-down. Image: Supplied.