fashion 9 Australian labels that know what you want to wear this summer. Basmah Qazi

In the past five years, global searches for Australian fashion labels have quadrupled. Yes, quadrupled!

Clearly our laidback sense of style has attracted a lot of attention, especially from places like the UK.

Watch: Jessica Vander Leahy speaks on Australian fashion and body diversity. Post continues below.

Maybe it’s because our designers put sustainability and their workers first. Or maybe it’s because Aussies are especially skilled in creating clothes that are not only chic but also functional.

As an Aussie gal, I rarely find the need to look internationally. Sure, I love a good Sandro top or Massimo Dutti coat as much as the next person, but at the end of the day, nothing compares to what’s available locally.

And if there are people overseas who are willing to drop a load of cash in customs to get their hands on something homegrown, why wouldn’t I take advantage of the situation in my own backyard?

If you also want to invest in clothes that are designed by Australians, then keep reading, because I’ve compiled a list of the best local fashion labels.