fashion ‘A letter to the clothing brands who want my money, but don’t want me shopping in their stores.’ Melissa Doughty

There have been so many moments when I’ve been standing in a change room with a huge pile of clothes spread across the floor. However, not one item I’ve taken into that change room fits and I have already been in there for what feels like an eternity. 

I’m too embarrassed to go out and hand the pile of clothes to the room staff member. The feeling is almost paralysing. 

Sometimes I have stood in there waiting for the attendant to walk away, other times I have just taken items and pretended they fit only to shove them on a rack on my way out of the store. 

We are seeing so many brands claim to be ‘extending’ their sizing to include a size 18, but more often than not the size 18 is online only. 

So, they are really saying, ‘Hey we want your money if you are a size 18, but we don’t actually want you entering our stores’.

That’s how many plus-size women feel. 

It’s demeaning, it makes us feel less than and it’s quite simply ridiculous. 

For these brands, who often stock from a size 4 or 6 up to a size 16, adding one extra size to the store seems to be just ‘too hard’. 

However, they want to spruik that they are being more ‘inclusive’.

We get excited and waltz into the store ready to take a handful of clothes and try them on. But as we rifle through to the back of the rack looking for those bigger sizes, we just don’t see them. Even when there are signs all around the store saying, ‘we have extended our size range’.