fashion ‘A personal stylist told me never to throw out these 8 items from my wardrobe.’ Basmah Qazi

As winter draws near, it’s natural to consider decluttering your wardrobe.

Pilled jumpers, outdated scarves, and scuffed boots are just a few items you might be tempted to toss, but what about the pieces worth holding onto?

Starting a closet clear-out can feel daunting, especially if you’re like me and end up parting with items you later regret. It’s often when you’re searching for a particular piece weeks later that you realise its value.¬†

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So, how can you determine what’s worth keeping¬†and what’s not?

Before diving into the seemingly endless task of organising my wardrobe, I decided to seek advice from a professional. That’s why I turned to Melbourne-based personal stylist, Lisa Stockman, to guide me on the essentials I should never part with.

“When it comes to editing your wardrobe, knowing what should stay and what should go is a big part of refining your style,” Lisa tells Mamamia.