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“I usually prepare for the gala three hours before the event, having done a full dress rehearsal the night before so that I can capture some great photos without feeling pressurised,” Yu told The Independent.

“During fittings, I’ll practice walking upstairs and sitting in my outfit because it’s so important to get a feeling for the dress so that you can wear it, and not the other way around. I tend to¬†wear comfortable shoes to help me feel confident walking.

“I have a team of about 10 who help me get ready, from hairstylists to make-up artists. We have all worked together on many occasions before, so it’s like having my extended family around, which means it never feels stressful.”

What actually happens at the Met Gala?

Although the red carpet at the Met Gala is highly publicised, media inside the event is regulated.

Guests have also been forbidden from posting to social media from inside the event since 2015 (though they don’t always stick to that rule).

So, what actually happens inside?

After walking the red carpet, guests get a first look at the year’s exhibition before gathering for dinner, drinks and live performances.

In previous years, guests have been treated to performances from Rihanna, Madonna, Katy Perry, and The Weeknd.

The event normally finishes around 10pm, after which most celebs will head to one of the very exclusive after-parties across NYC (normally with a costume change in between) and give everyone following along at home some much-needed social media content.