fashion All the affordable anti-chafing shorts that’ll rescue your thighs this summer. Basmah Qazi

I reckon we can all collectively agree that summer is freaking great. 

The warm sun, the longer days and the outdoor barbecues…

But even good things come with downsides – like an increased amount of bugs, acne from sweating all day and the most annoying of all … thigh chafing.

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Every year, we try all the rogue tactics like applying deodorant or baby powder between our legs to stop the sweat, when really there is a much easier solution: anti-chafe shorts. 

Because, let’s be honest, none of us want to end up looking like Ross Geller in that Friends episode where he dumped baby powder between his sweaty legs to help pull his leather pants back on.

We’ve all been there. Image: Warner Bros.