fashion Attention big-busted women: We’ve rounded up the best swimmers for bigger boobs. mamamia-team

You would think in 2023 it would be easier for bigger busted women to be able to find bikinis that fit. 

Considering the average cup size in Australia is between a C-cup and a D-cup, it seems like a no-brainer for brands to cater to women with larger boobs.

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Sadly, there’s still quite a few brands that don’t take inclusivity as seriously as they should, and in some instances, when bigger boobs are acknowledged, the bikini styles are uncomfortable, daggy and not as trendy as the ones made for smaller chests.

Thankfully, things are starting to look up, and new swimwear brands who put big boobs first are emerging onto the market. 

From chic one pieces, to mix and match styles, here are our favourite bikinis for big boobs (that are actually cute).

Best one piece swimsuits for big boobs.

Image: Form and Fold.