fashion ‘Capri pants are back. But if you hate them as much as me, here are the best alternatives.’ Basmah Qazi

If you don’t believe me, Vogue France claimed last year that the “ultra-chic pant trend will soon be replacing dresses”. When I first read it, I let out a big belly laugh because as if!?

But sadly, they were right. 

Damn the French for always being ahead of the curve.

And listen, if you like capri pants then don’t come at me with pitchforks because if you read my stories on the reg, you would know that I’m all about encouraging personal style.

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Wear whatever you want! But I refuse to wear pants that can’t decide whether it wants to be trousers, board shorts or just really uncomfortable leggings.

That doesn’t mean I hate all cropped trousers though. In fact, I have a few pairs in my wardrobe that I wear often.

From the retro cigarette pants to the classy tapered trousers, I’ve found many alternatives to the capri —  and these won’t go in and out of style.