fashion From bomber jackets to the trending maxi skirt: The 5 things you’ll be wearing in winter. Basmah Qazi

I’ll be the first to admit that during winter, I prioritise comfort over style. But it’s also universally known that winter fashion is superior, and there are so many ways to dress up or down while still being on-trend.

Does that mean I’m ditching my fluffy socks and fleece track pants? Absolutely not. However, I do want to make more of an effort this year beyond just throwing on a coat.

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There are many advantages to living in Australia when it comes to fashion. And one is that because we’re living in the Southern Hemisphere, we already know what’s going to be trending throughout the season by looking at what the Northern Hemisphere wore before us. 

Of course, you have your basic items: A good quality coat, a pair of thick stockings and endless jumpers in every style and colour. But I scoured the internet, observed runways and studied street-style looks to see the items everyone is most likely going to be walking around in this season.

Let’s get into it.