fashion From costumes to set lists: Everything Aussies won’t get to see from Taylor Swift’s new Eras tour. Cassandra Green

Tortured Poets is included in the introduction. 

Swift has probably one of the most iconic musical intros to any tour ever, with the singer remixing all the times she’s sung the name of each album across her career into one crescendoing tune. 

Fans wondered if Swift would just keep her first 10 studio albums in the introduction, but she did include a clip of her singing ‘The Tortured Poets Department’ for the intro. 

Interestingly she also added, ‘What if I told you I’m back?’ from ‘The Alchemy’, which is the only non-album title to make it into the intro. 

You can listen to it here. 

@saywhaaatt1 STRAIGHT FROM THE TTPD!!! #fyp #taylorswift #taylornation #erastour #paris #ttpd #swifttok #swiftie #viral #trending ♬ original sound – GinY822

Swift has cut songs from the set list for the Eras Tour.

To add The Tortured Poets Department to the set list, Swift was forced to tweak and remove some existing songs on the set list in order to fit it in. 

The songs cut from the Eras Tour include: 

The songs she added include: 

  • But Daddy I Love Him

  • So High School (snippet)

  • Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me?

  • Down Bad

  • Fortnight

  • The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived

  • I Can Do It With A Broken Heart

There is a new order to the Eras Tour.

While we previously went from Lover, to Fearless, evermore, reputation, Speak Now, Red, folklore, 1989, surprise songs and then Midnights, there is a new order to the Eras Tour. 

In the revised set list, folklore and evermore are combined and Speak Now’s one song comes directly after ‘All Too Well’. 

The new order of the Eras Tour is as follows: 

Swift debuts new costumes in the Eras Tour.

Swift opened the show with her Lover set, where she wore a brand new Versace bright red-orange bodysuit, alongside bedazzled orange-hued Christian Louboutin heels. She added a matching jacket, also Versace, to perform ‘The Man’.