fashion Heidi Agan is a Princess Catherine look-alike. She’s been forced to address claims she posed as Kate. Basmah Qazi

Heidi Agan has built a career around her resemblance to the Princess of Wales, with her website describing her as “the UK’s most realistic Kate Middleton look-alike.”

While she’s been impersonating the royal professionally for 12 years now, her name recently started trending after footage of the Princess visiting Windsor Farm Shop with Prince William was released.

The video came after weeks of speculation about Kate’s whereabouts following abdominal surgery in January, and now the royal conspiracies have gotten completely out of hand — with the latest suggesting the woman in the video is actually Heidi. 

“How much did you get payed [sic] for pretending to be her at the farmers’ market?” commented one user on Heidi’s Instagram.

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The look-alike has since been forced to release a statement to the Mirror.

“My social media has gone crazy since the video emerged. It wasn’t me. Joking about Kate is one thing, but we need to give her time now and I’m sure she’ll be back after Easter, like what was said in the first place,” Heidi said.

“I was at work at the time so I know that is not me. I 100 per cent believe that is Kate Middleton and William in that video. So, she is alive, and we can be sure about it.

“If the surgery is something that she wanted to keep private, then [it’s Kensington Palace’s] right not to share more details. She is a public figure but not public property, and we must respect that,” she continued.

“Since Kate had surgery, I have done gigs where I have walked in and people have said, ‘There’s Kate.’ So, it started as a joke around ‘we’ve found Kate,’ but now it should stop really.”