fashion Here’s the latest way Gen Zs can tell you’re a Millennial, and honestly can we get a break? Lisa Hamilton

“You can rip my blue jeans and black top combo off my cold dead body,” wrote one user, and girl, same.

“Why does anyone care? Just let women liveeee,” wrote another.

“What do you want from us?” asked another, and I think it’s pretty clear what they want but ANYWAY.

As this TikTok user so perfectly put it, it really does seem to be an issue plaguing women in general. Millennial or not, no matter what anyone wears, it always seems like we all have to answer for it.

@ruth.konkolics #fyp #fypシ゚viral #relatable #bluejeans #blackshirt #ruthkonkolics #gf #real #girls #momsoftiktok ♬ Tell Ur Girlfriend – Lay Bankz

But what the other Gens don’t know is, when it comes to having a joke at the expense of Millennials and our tropes, many of us are just too tired to… care?!

So excuse me while I slip into my black tee, jeans and invisible socks, and wave my arms around wildly to my favourite early noughties tracks. I’ll be ready when Generation Alpha declares it all cool again.

Feature Image: TikTok/@glaciercentraltravel, @trovlov

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