fashion HOLLY WAINWRIGHT: Demi & Sienna & Cate. The contradiction of midlife style icons. Holly Wainwright

But to understand this assignment, you must be clear that the ‘style icon’ status can only be bestowed if your age is, indeed, just a number. If it hasn’t left any marks on you. Any tell-tell lines or crinkles. Any loosening or mottling. Any scars or pigment. Any extra pounds, obviously. 

Basically, if you look like a naturally-blessed, well-groomed 34. Not young. Not old. Just… perfect. 

That’s all you need to do. And you too can be a style icon at any age. 

Is it better or worse for those of us without a permanent glam army, two stylists, a bottomless budget, a dermatologist, a personal chef, a trainer and a skilled surgeon that Demi Moore looks ‘better than ever’ as she enters her seventh decade? 

Or is it, as I suspect, nothing to do with us at all?

Is the fact that ‘Moore is a style icon at 61’ entirely irrelevant to ‘civilian’ 61-year-olds because our realities share no resemblance? 

Is there anything to be learned from the fact that Sienna Miller still looks exactly like the young ingenue in love with Alfie’s dastardly Jude Law, even though she just had a baby, also has an eleven-year-old, and her hair hasn’t aged a smidge? 

And is there true inspiration to be found at the feet of the goddess Cate Blanchett, whose style is as unparalleled as her natural gifts? She just… looks like that.