fashion ‘How the “wrong shoe theory” completely changed my style.’ Charlotte Begg

And it’s made fashion fun again!

By buying something out of my comfort zone, and something I vowed I’d never own because they’re “ugly” or “I couldn’t pull them off”, it has pushed me to be more experimental.

This is where we get to my second pair of shoes – the ones that really changed my style. 

Crocs. Yep, I mean the waterproof, slip-on rubber shoes usually reserved for kids, chefs, or the very edgy.

Crocs recently released a platform version of their classic clogs in various bright colours, and I knew immediately I wanted a pair. So odd, yet so enticing.

They arrived just before my recent trip to Bali and I wore them on the plane over and most days on the trip – with a bikini while hanging around the villa or denim shorts and a tee when heading out.

Image: Supplied/Charlotte Begg.