fashion ‘I can confirm, this is the only hack you need to stop makeup rubbing onto your collar.’ Basmah Qazi

All you need to do is spray hairspray onto the inside of your collar, let it dry, and then pop it on. The hairspray is meant to create a thin film on the shirt, leaving a barrier between your skin and the clothes.

That’s it!

Who knew hairspray was such a hardworking beauty product? Perfect for flyaways, humidity and keeping your whites clean.

But while it sounds straightforward, I wanted to know if it works, so I put it to the test.

Here are my thoughts.

I won’t sugarcoat my words: I doubted this hack would work. It was just way too good to be true, but also, hairspray stinks and is notoriously sticky.

Sure, I didn’t want makeup all over my clothes, but I also didn’t want to smell like rubbing alcohol throughout the day.

But I was desperate – and curious – so I dived straight in.

The left side is without hairspray, and the right side is with hairspray. Image: Supplied.