fashion ‘I figured out how to stretch or shrink those jeans currently gathering dust in your wardrobe.’ Basmah Qazi

Who’s laughing now? (I am because my jeans ended up fitting.)

And before we get into it, let me be clear that this is not anything to do with trying to fit into a smaller size than you normally wear. Nor am I encouraging you to buy a new pair of pants you have to stretch. 

This is about me imparting wisdom so you can get extra wear out of jeans you already own that are currently gathering dust in your wardrobe because they’re just that little bit too big or too small. 

So, allow me to walk you through the hacks I found to help stretch or shrink your jeans for a comfier wear.  

Here we go!

How to stretch jeans.

Spray them with warm water, then pull to stretch.

This is one that I can personally vouch for because it’s the hack I used to stretch out my jeans, and I’m happy to report that it worked.

Simply spray your jeans with warm water, then lay them out on the floor. Once they’re in the right position, manually start to pull and stretch the jeans in any direction that you think is necessary. If the jeans dry up, keep spraying it with water until you’re done.

I won’t lie, I was verrrry sceptical. 

But after following the instructions, my pants were no longer constricting my body, and I was able to move around without feeling like I was going to suffocate.

Soak the jeans in a bath (while wearing them).

Okay, this one sounds a bit weird, but hear me out. 

Pop the jeans on after filling a bathtub with warm water. Then, sit in the water for about 10 minutes.