fashion ‘I just burst out into tears.’ The reality of plus size shopping in 2023. Shannen Findlay

Shauna left quickly afterwards, even leaving behind the bag she came to purchase. 

But as she walked down one of the busiest streets of Melbourne, it dawned on her that being unable to walk into a shop and find clothes to try on isn’t fair.

So she, like many other plus-size people, is pushing against the status quo. 

“If I’m out with my friends or if I’m exploring a city or if I have something last minute, I want to try something on and I don’t want to be penalised and have to pay for postage just to try it on,” she tells Mamamia. 

And if you’re stocking your plus-size options online but not offering an in-store experience for those very customers? 

“You’re not inclusive,” Shauna concludes. 

“It’s just not. It’s great there are more options but I shouldn’t be restricted to just buying shoes and jewellery in one of the biggest stores in the southern hemisphere.”

Her advice is rather simple, too. 

“Do better. That’s not really delicate advice but I’m really just only adding to the chorus of countless plus-size people who are leading the charge in this area,” she says. “We have so much money to spend… It’s just not fair. 

“There are plenty of brands that offer [clothes in my size] online but it’s just not enough. We need full inclusivity.”

Shauna Ryan is a freelance social media manager, content creator and writer. You can find her on Instagram here.

Feature Image: Instagram @shaunashauna_.

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