fashion ‘I teach women how to dress in a ‘flattering’ way for their body shape. It’s not a dirty word.’ Melissa Doughty

It definitely doesn’t mean finding styles that hide my body or styles that make me look smaller. 

Understanding my body shape changed the way I shop. 

Triangle, inverted triangle, oval, hourglass and rectangle — they are the main body shapes we see — and these can look different for everyone. 

Referring to your body as a shape isn’t a bad thing! 

Understanding our body shapes has evolved so much over time. Gone are the days where your body is compared to a fruit and you feel like you need to be a size eight in order to wear specific clothing! 

Now days, understanding your body shape gives you power — the power to dress with confidence each day. 

For me, I am an oval body shape, with my shoulders, waist and hip measurements all being very similar. This means that I can use different styles of clothing to create shape in my waist and accentuate my assets. 

As a plus size woman, online shopping has become the norm. This means having to buy items of clothing without actually trying them on. 

So knowing my body shape and understanding what silhouettes are the most flattering on my body is essential. 

I now consider myself a bit of a pro at online shopping, very rarely do I need to return items because I always know what to look for. 

So what are the specific styles that work best for an oval shaped body? I show you my top recommendations below.