fashion ‘I tried bamboo pyjamas and can never go back. Here are 7 great options.’ Basmah Qazi

Not much has remained consistent in my life, but there is one thing that has remained the same since I was a child — being a hot sleeper.

Every morning, regardless of the temperature, I wake up a sweaty, steaming mess. 

It doesn’t matter if we’re in the middle of winter and the cold is practically frosting my eyelashes, I’m still going to be dripping in perspiration. 

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Because of this, I don’t always have the most restful sleep and a lot of my time is spent trying to find solutions. I’ve tried it all — I’ve used cooling mattress protectors, pillows that don’t overheat and even sleeping without a blanket.

But there’s only one thing that has worked for me so far: wearing bamboo to bed. 

Bamboo is a moisture-wicking and breathable fabric and is just so soft and lovely that I will never go back. 

 So let’s get into my favourite sleepwear recommendations to keep you cool and sweat-free.

Image: Boody.