fashion ‘I tried my first capsule collection of lingerie. Here’s how it’s going.’ Carly Sophia

I really came to appreciate the “bra” in all it’s glory, when recently I got my chest tattooed, and couldn’t wear one for nearly ten days. 

Going about my business with free-range boobs was definitely not as liberating as I thought it would be. 

Sure, I didn’t have to worry about straps showing, but I just didn’t feel confident, supported or properly put together. 

Then, just as my tattoos healed, Nancy Ganz’s new empowering lingerie range came up on my feed – it was, frankly, immaculate timing! And, these lingerie pieces are designed in Australia by women, so of course, I had to have them.

By the time the parcel arrived, I was more than ready to hoik those babies back up where they belonged and absolutely slay the day. Gone are the perky titties of youth – I breastfed twins for a year. These girls need all the help they can get. I surveyed the sets and half-jokingly wished them luck – I had an absolutely HUGE week ahead, a packed out calendar of appointments, events and outfit changes.

If my new “capsule” collection of lingerie could work comfortably and seamlessly co-operate with everything I was about to throw at it, well. 

I would bow down.

Day one.

I’m going to need a no-nonsense, comfortable set today as I’m going to be mumming, hard. 

Thursday is the one day each week that I cannot get the twins in daycare, so I have two five-year-olds to entertain from 6am. It’s also a workday for me, but I’ve given up trying to get anything done while they’re around, so I’ll keep us all busy with various errands and outings, and catch up tonight when they’re asleep. 


Image: Supplied.