fashion ‘I’m a fashion editor. Here are the 9 affordable pieces I always get compliments on.’ Tamara Holland

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from shopping for a living, it’s that expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better. We all know high end brands can slap a logo on a plain cotton t-shirt and charge 500 bucks for it, but does that make the actual tee any more valuable? 

Even though I have access to lots of designer gear, some of the best and most heavily worn items in my wardrobe were surprisingly affordable.

I think it’s a common misconception that a “capsule” wardrobe can only consist of investment pieces. What about the more cost-effective finds that become your very own closet classics?

Case in point: I recently posted an outfit on my Instagram featuring a brightly striped knit. It received more likes, comments and saves than any other look I’ve shared this year. The knit was $30 from Target: I spotted it when I was supposed to be buying bed linen, and it’s become one of my absolute winter staples.

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My secret to finding these pieces is that price is the last thing I look at. I don’t go looking for bargains — I seek out items I know will suit my style and spark joy when I wear them, and thanks to this approach I’m often pleasantly surprised by the price tag.