fashion ‘I’m a fashion writer and these are the boots you should be wearing this winter.’ Basmah Qazi

Ask any fashion writer and they’ll tell you that during winter all they want to do is write about boots. 

There are just so many styles to choose from, and we love helping you figure out what works for you and your wardrobe. This year, boots have blown up more than ever — take one look around and you’ll see five different women wearing five different shoe trends.

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You see, boots are like sneakers. They get a makeover every few years but the concept generally stays the same.

Sure, a lot of the time you end up spending a pretty penny for good quality boots, but they also serve as your best friend year after year when the temperature drops. 

Because boots never go out of style (even the scrunch boots from the early 2000s are slowly starting to seep back into the trend cycle), making them a worthy investment. 

So, if you’re still stuck on which boots to buy this year, I’ve broken down the most popular styles for you.