fashion ‘I’m a personal shopper and these are the 9 things you’ll never find in my wardrobe.’ FiFi Milne

I’ve worked as a personal shopper and fashion editor for over 20 years, which means I’ve seen plennnnty of trends come and go. 

Some gorgeous. Some awful. Some that I never want to see return! 

But during that time I’ve developed my own personal style – and now there is no going back. 

The key to finding a timeless style and shopping pieces you’ll wear year after year is as much about deciding what styles and shapes you do like as the ones you don’t. And then always updating those particular pieces when the time is right. 

So to help you narrow down your search next time you go shopping, I’ve made a list of the nine items I’ll never add to my closet – and what I’d replace them with instead. 

You can thank me later. 

Prints and florals.

I’ve lumped these two together because they’re both pesky items. They date quickly. They’re never versatile. And they’re hard to carry off because they often end up wearing the person. (I wore a print shirt once, it was the worst hour of my life). Give me minimalism and quiet luxury any day.

And who has time in the morning to style up prints and florals? It takes ages to get it right. Actually, who really KNOWS how to? Answer: Iris Apfel. And she wore them together. She was 102. It was her gift. 

My solution: I’d rather build a wardrobe of classic colours in modern shapes. It means I can get dressed with my eyes closed in five minutes flat. Opt for versatile, classic colours you love to build your wardrobe so that you can easily mix and match pieces. 

Bright colours. 

I avoid bright colours nearly as much as florals. For all the same reasons as above. (Too tricky. Too hard. Never versatile etc). Most importantly, bold colours like hot pink never look expensive unless they actually are (hello Valentino!). But if you’re on a budget, then bold colours tend to look cheap.