fashion ‘I’m a personal stylist and these are the 6 questions I ask myself every time I go shopping.’ FiFi Milne

The aim? Build a wardrobe you love, that you feel good it. A wardrobe you can wear again and again.

A wardrobe that is easy, effortless and versatile. With great cost per wear. But shopping can be tricky. And exhausting. Do you get overwhelmed when you hit the stores and don’t know where to start?

Never Fear FiFi is here. Follow these easy rules and you will be able to decide quickly what is worth trying on. And then what to purchase. Buyers remorse? Be damned!

Here’s what I always ask myself every time I go shopping…

1. Does it align with my style?

Work out what your style is before you hit the shops. Then always ask yourself if what you’re buying aligns with your look. I am a minimalist. I like simple cuts and simple colours. (Black, grey, beige, choc brown, camel, navy and white. A little soupçon of khaki). So I religiously stick to those colours. Because I know that’s the direct line to my personal style. It makes me feel good. It makes dressing easy. I veer away from anything that doesn’t fit the bill. Same goes if you are into florals and brights: walk past anything that’s plain, minimal and low key. (Even if it’s screaming for you to buy it). There’s no point. You’ll never wear it. You won’t feel good in it. Know your style, own your look and stick to it.

2. Can I wear it multiple ways?

Whether you’re a millionaire or not the aim is to get serious mileage from your wardrobe. What’s the point of buying something that has limited versatility? You want to be able to wear it lots of different ways. I always ask myself: can I wear this piece day to evening, work to weekend? If you can think of 3 ways to wear it then it’s allowed into your closet. Why? You’ll wear it on repeat. It will be part of your everyday capsule wardrobe. The cost per wear? It will be paying you to wear it! But there will always be pieces that are fun, very fashiony and even outrageous. These pieces will spark joy even if you can’t wear them multiple ways. They’re one offs that add some magic. Just don’t buy a wardrobe of these crazy pieces. You can’t rely on them day in day out. They need time. They’re attention seekers!