fashion ‘I’m a plus-size woman and these are the 5 fashion rules I’m following in 2024.’ Shannen Findlay

Alright, real talk for a moment. 

The world of fashion hasn’t always been an inclusive place. Actually, since we’re being real, it still isn’t. 

But we’ve entered an era where fashion no longer has a size limit and since we’re being honest (as mentioned above), I’ve decided to redefine what style means to me. 

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That means I’m drawing the curtains back and getting even more real about what ideals I’m taking into 2024 and what I’m leaving behind — because there are so many rules and I simply don’t have enough time to follow all of them.

And with all that being said, I must say that there is absolutely no pressure to heed my words and adopt them for yourself. We all have different ideas about what looks good on who. So when I say, ‘Do you,’ I truly mean that. 

Now let’s get on with it! 

Here are the fashion rules I’m following in 2024 as a plus-size woman.

1. I’m not buying anything that can’t be worn more than a few times.

I fell into a hole a few years ago where I had a package arriving at my door every week filled with clothes I didn’t even like. I’d wear an outfit once for a photo (or hundreds) and then obsess over who had seen me in it and what event I could wear said outfit to next without anyone figuring out I’d already worn it before.