fashion ‘I’m an elder millennial who just discovered the Gen Z sock rules.’ Annaliese Todd

In case you missed it, Gen Z’s have cancelled ankle socks and sockettes. 

It’s a hot topic in the Mamamia office, so I decided to film some of the sock commentary and post it on TikTok to see if other millennials, like myself, were feeling as baffled and confused as we brave this scary new sock world.

And it turns out I’m not alone. One of my videos went viral – currently it’s sitting on 2.8 million views. News Week in America interviewed me. Socks, it seems, are a globally divisive and hot topic.

@annaliese.todd #genz #eldermillenial #sockdebate #socktok ♬ original sound – Annaliese Todd

After a week of sock rabbit-holing, researching and guidance from the Gen Z counsel here at Mamamia, I have created a summary with visual aids to update other millennials on these findings. 

Because there is a whole new sub-category of evolving trends and rules when it comes to the humble foot warmer, who knew! 

Watch: The real face of the millennial. The post continues below.

Before we go any further, I’m not saying anyone has to wear or not wear a certain sock. I’m just an old millennial vessel, passing on learnings from a younger generation about the latest trends in feet coverings.