fashion ‘I’m plus-size and have been on the hunt for size-inclusive accessories. Here are my favourites.’ Shannen Findlay

Accessories make an outfit. It’s a well-known fact that has been drummed into every little girl’s head from the beginning of time. 

We all know a good piece of jewellery and the right handbag can complete an outfit. A good set of rings will make you look like a million bucks. Put a belt on those jeans you’re wearing to cinch in the waist and you can avoid pulling them up for the rest of the day, too. 

It’s felt like somewhat of a rite of passage, to have all of the shiny, sparkly, glittery things. It was exciting to think about. 

But what we didn’t know, and what adults have consistently failed to mention to little girls since the beginning of time is that the fashion world might have a thing for a good accessory, but they’re only accessible to some. 

Among those who get left out are fat people. 

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But the world has changed since I was a little girl because now there are brands that are not just demanding bigger people be included, but are actually making products that will fit them.