fashion Justin Bieber broke the sacred ‘handbag rule’. What should his punishment be? Laura Brodnik

During her recent press rounds in New York, Hailey Bieber’s looks were all perfectly on point. Except for her handbag.

And it wasn’t just because the bag in question has been known to sing about babies and peaches, has rocked an enviable fringe in the past, or is the central figure in an infamous young Hollywood love triangle. It was because the bag in question clearly didn’t understand the arrangement they had willingly signed up for. 

This particular bag also goes by the name of Justin Bieber, Hailey Bieber’s husband of four years, who dutifully trailed behind her as she attended a series of events to promote her brand Rhode’s new strawberry peptide lip treatment.

Ever on theme, Hailey was dressed in a series of looks that tied neatly into the latest beauty trend, dubbed ‘strawberry makeup’, attached to her name.

A look not to be confused with her former beauty trends of course, which include but are not limited to ‘glazed donut skin’, ‘latte eyes’, and ‘cinnamon cookie butter hair’. Basically, if the look sounds like a deranged escapee from Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, this girl will add it to her beauty regime. 

This week a particular set of photos are doing the rounds online, showing Hailey in a red strapless Ermanno Scervino mini dress, carrying a red Ferragamo bag, and wearing Maison Ernest heels.

Justin, on the other hand, is wearing a look more akin to that of a youngest child whose mum forgot to pack them a change of clothes for after swimming and so had to make do with items from the lost and found.

 Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber arrive at Krispy Kreme in Times Square for her Rhode press event, in two very different looks. Image: Getty.