fashion LEIGH CAMPBELL: 7 things I’d dress Mia Freedman in (if she let me). Leigh Campbell

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It’s my dream to dress Mia. I’m loving her current style evolution and, short of going shopping with her or turning up to her house with a bag of clothes, I send her WhatsApp links on the daily of things I think she’d look great in.

So, I’ve put together a little edit of what I’d make her wear, if she let me. They can all be mixed and matched – a fun little capsule wardrobe, inspired by our chats.

Image: Uniqlo.

All white tees are not created equal. This one is boxy, oversized and amazing quality for the price. Looks very high end, without the dry-clean-only care tag. 

Image: Adidas, ASOS.

Mia’s love for Adidas track pants has inspired me to try some. This green pair with a white tee and a beige blazer is the way to do trackies in a stylish way. 

Image: Atmos&Here, The Iconic.

The perfect oversized blazer does exist. It comes in six neutral shades, so pick your colour and watch how it transforms your wardrobe. 

Image: Alias Mae.

Mia’s trying to wear sneakers a little less. These are the answer in summer. A closed-toe/sandal hybrid, they work back with anything you’d normally wear with trainers.

Image: Reiss.

Mia and I share a deep love for wide-legged pants. A nice blue makes them less corporate, but could still be worn to the office with the right top. 

Image: DISSH.

Mia loves a co-ord set, and I can see why. You can mix and match AKA get double the wear out of both items. These are sold separately, but are stylish and effortless together. 

Image: GIMME.

Chunky chains are the accessory of this summer. You don’t need to splurge on real gold – grab an affordable one and see how it jazzes up your white tee.  

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Featured Image: Supplied/Reiss/Uniqlo/Alias Mae.

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