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I have a confession to make. 

Being tidy does not come naturally to me.

I’m always in a rush so throw things on the floor and tell myself I’ll pick them up in a minute, but a minute turns into weeks and then I run the risk of being suffocated under a huge pile of clothes that will inevitably fall on me when I’m rummaging for something I think is probably at the bottom.

So, mid-last year when I moved house, I had a professional come and set up some proper systems. I used Extra Orderly, and she was worth her fee in gold. My new wardrobe is pretty big, which is great, but it also means there’s more room to make a mess. (I’m very lucky – the family who lived there before had more kids so the parents shared my wardrobe, whereas my husband’s stuff is in another room). 

Anyway, after a few false starts (old habits die hard) I spent the summer break culling and tidying and vowing to keep it clean and use the systems in place.

So, here’s every single item that helps me do that…

Image: Woolworths.

I used to have wooden hangers because I thought they were fancy, but in reality, they were clunky and took up too much space. Now all my hangers are these simple ones with the little divot section to hold straps so nothing slides off. 

Image: Amazon.

I use these chunky satin hangers (like your nanna used to have!) for jackets, blazers and coats that are too heavy for plastic ones. They’re nice and wide, so don’t leave any shoulder marks on knits or cardigans, either. 

Image: Kmart.

I grabbed a bunch of these clear boxes and used them ad-hoc in drawers for various things. They’re also fabulous for bathroom storage, too, and the bigger ones are used to house some of my smaller bags. 

Image: Kmart.

I didn’t think I’d like my handbags hanging on display because it looked a little odd, but I now reach for them so much more. Before this, they were shoved at the top of my wardrobe in a big box, and if I couldn’t see them, I simply forgot about them. 

Image: Amazon.

These draw dividers can be set at various legends and secure to each side of the inner drawer with robust double-sided tape, so they don’t slide around at all. 

Image: Amazon.

My accessories used to be in one big perspex box, but they’d always get tangled and messy. Now I have these trays in a drawer and it feels like I’m shopping every time I pick what to wear – being able to see it all easily makes the whole process so much more enjoyable. 

Image: Amazon.

These nifty little things are a game-changer for shoe storage. They essentially double the space, and you don’t end up with squashed shoes that are piled on top of each other. Having air between the shoes is important if your wardrobe is prone to mould, too. 

Image: Amazon.

These handy honeycomb drawer dividers are modular and snap together to create the size you need. The little nests are perfect for organising small items like underwear, socks, bras and swimmers. 

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Featured Image: Instagram @leighacampbell.

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