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On this week’s episode of Nothing To Wear we dissected what makes an outfit feel ‘frumpy’. I’m still unsure if frumpy is actually a feeling in the first place, but sometimes I get dressed and just don’t feel…right.

I tend to go for comfort in my day-to-day wardrobe, but still want to look stylish. So with that in mind, I’ve pulled together an edit of classic styles that will always look chic, are enjoyable to wear and that will never be described as frumpy. 

Image: H&M.

If you’ve heard the rumours that skinny leg-jeans are on the way back, don’t panic. Fashion is a pendulum so they will return eventually, but that’s not to say you have to wear them. I love my wide leg jeans and have kept a few pairs of skinnies, too, but I find a timeless pair of straight leg jeans are always going to be flattering and never scream ‘in’ or ‘out’. 

Image: Target.

A simple cashmere or wool knit jumper (or a few) will become the MVP in your wardrobe and you’ll have them for many years if you care for them properly. I tend to size up so they’re not too fitted – I think a slightly slouchy fit looks cooler and you then also have the option to layer over a tee or a button up shirt with the collar out around the neck. 

Image: M&S.

The argument as to whether leggings are pants has been going on for as long as humans have worn clothes. I believe they are — they’re comfy to wear and can be dressed up or down. My tip is to go for a thicker fabric in a non-shiny finish so they don’t look like work-out tights. Jeggings (which are a jean-legging hybrid) usually fit the bill. 

Image: Betts.

A flat ankle boot will always get a lot of wear in the cooler months. Trends in the toe area generally swing from square to pointy (and back again), so I suggest going for a simple round toe because it’s classic and also usually the most comfortable. 

Image: Dissh.

I live in shorts when the weather is warmer, but don’t feel comfortable or stylish if they’re too short. A longer cut with legs that don’t hug my thighs makes me feel the best and are super versatile — I can throw on a tank when I’m around the house or running errands, or add a shirt and nice sandals for a casual outing.

Image: Zara.

I have a few pairs of daggy slides and sandals that live near the front door and while I know a more stylish pair would make my overall outfit better, I tend to pop them on when I’m heading out because they’re easy and comfortable. On my wish-list is a stylish pair that mix-and-match with everything – my criteria is no velcro or buckles so I can get them on and off in a flash.

Image: Country Road.

I know I always bang on about a good tee, but it’s for good reason. A simple crew neck tee that’s not too fitted but not too loose in a quality cotton will never look frumpy and can be worn with 90 per cent of your wardrobe. Trust me.

Image: Decjuba.

A classic knit dress is almost like wearing a comfy tracksuit, except chic. I like to try them on in a store if possible, or size up so the knit isn’t clingy and just skims my body. I always wear one when flying interstate with a denim jacket and sandals or sneakers, but they also look great with a blazer and heels or boots. They literally tick every box. 

Image: Seed Heritage, MYER.

We’re spoilt for choice when it comes to outerwear – I love trench coats and blazers and this season, I’m really into a bomber jacket. But a timeless style that isn’t trend-based and will look as stylish as it is comfortable is a classic-cut soft coat. You can wear it over leggings or on top of a fancy dress to a wedding or event. 

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